Day One

Best Book You Read Last Year

Okay so, I don’t particularly remember which books I read last year. I read a lot of books like, A LOT. I know cause it was year twelve I did go through a period of time where I’d only really read during holidays and whatnot but even so it’s hard to pick the best book from last year..

Possibly Eve & Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate


This mainly due to the fact that:

a) who wouldn’t want to create the perfect boy and

b) it was a story I hadn’t heard before and even if I could kinda tell what was going to happen it was still an odd storyline and that doesn’t happen too often, particularly in the type of books I read. 

I liked that it was set current day, not some unprobable future that I tend to find comepletely unbelievable. Although it’s a short book, it had a fast pace which kept me reading and if I remember correctly I finished it within two or so days. I loved the genetics involved as well. I always did enjoy that most in human bio, the rest of course I never really understood. But it went into detail about the making of the person and it really expresses how there truly is no such thing as the perfect person, even when you get to pick and chose the way they are. 

I didn’t particularly like the character of Aislin, to be honest she felt stupid and unecessary however this could have just been because it was a short book and so there never was her own side story because it focused merely on the main plot points of Evening and Solo. 

So anyway, at this very moment, this is the book that appears to be my favourite from last year. This opinion of course, will most likely change within the next half hour. 

Happy reading!