Time to Work

If this weekend has made me realise one thing, it’s that people don’t give two shits. And the ones that do, the very few, are minimal and can’t be there all the time. I had multiple friends away all weekend who made no attempt to contact me regardless of the fact that they knew how down I was. Actually, scratch that, made no attempt to contact me EXCEPT to tell me how much of a brill fucking time they were having or after I messaged them to make sure they were alright with no real response. No, how are you? Oh I have worked in retail 5 years and never had anyone make me as upset as they did today. You know, the usual. So you know what, people can go to hell. My solution is merely that, they are not worth it, if they don’t think I’m worth it. So I’m gonna stick my head into study until I can get myself the fuck away from here. Honestly, you’d think you wouldn’t have to try this hard for people that call themselves your best friends. But I guess it all comes out in the end. So I hope they bloody enjoyed their weekend and I hope it was fucking worth it. I no longer need anything but money to buy me a ticket away from here.


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