Day Two

So, Day Two. I apologise for skipping yesterday but I was very busy and also went to the 5 Seconds of Summer concert straight after work so like, that’s a thing that took up a lot of time. So, a book that you’ve read more than three times.. let us think.. I tend to try not to read books multiple times however I have most definitely reread The Hunger Games at least three times. This book is one that I find that I read, loved. Left on the bookshelf for ages. Then I decided, that was a great book when I read it, I’m borerd, let’s try it again. Then one of the movies comes out and I decide, oh I better read it again. And so on and so on. This book never gets old. It is impeccably written that I do not ever want to put it down. I’m hanging off every word and the characters are built in such a way that I just want to be there with them.. minus the death of course. I love the way the action is written into the story and the plotline is quite different from any other that came before it. It started a fad, although I never really got into this phase that everyone else seemed to go through. So yeah, I’ve read this book multiple times and I continue to enjoy it just as much, if not more every time I read it. 




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