Day Three

Your Favourite Series

So as of right now, my favourite series is hard to pick. However I have managed to narrow it down to two. These two consist of:

– The Percy Jackson Series

– The Georgia Nicolson Series

These two series’ have been read and reread by me so many times. I love the writing, the relatability and the general goodness behind the books. Percy Jackson I loved because I love mythology particularly greek mythology. It is honestly one of my favourite things. When I was in primary school I made my mum buy me books about it. I loved them so much I don’t quite know why. Honestly just my favourite stuff aha and it is so interesting. I love the stories and everything ugh just – everything.
The Georgia Nicolson Series taught me how to overthink life. As a whole, it was a great series, I read this one also in primary school and it was absolutely fab. To this day I still refer to the snogging scale and all the lush tips that came from the failures of Georgia Nicolson’s fab life. From learning to snog to fake eyelashes to sex gods, she had the teenage life I’d always dreamt of. Given, I never achieved this, however, a girl can dream 😉


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