Day Three

Your Favourite Series

So as of right now, my favourite series is hard to pick. However I have managed to narrow it down to two. These two consist of:

– The Percy Jackson Series

– The Georgia Nicolson Series

These two series’ have been read and reread by me so many times. I love the writing, the relatability and the general goodness behind the books. Percy Jackson I loved because I love mythology particularly greek mythology. It is honestly one of my favourite things. When I was in primary school I made my mum buy me books about it. I loved them so much I don’t quite know why. Honestly just my favourite stuff aha and it is so interesting. I love the stories and everything ugh just – everything.
The Georgia Nicolson Series taught me how to overthink life. As a whole, it was a great series, I read this one also in primary school and it was absolutely fab. To this day I still refer to the snogging scale and all the lush tips that came from the failures of Georgia Nicolson’s fab life. From learning to snog to fake eyelashes to sex gods, she had the teenage life I’d always dreamt of. Given, I never achieved this, however, a girl can dream ūüėČ


Day Two

So, Day Two. I apologise for skipping yesterday but I was very busy and also went to the 5 Seconds of Summer concert straight after work so like, that’s a thing that took up a lot of time. So, a book that you’ve read more than three times.. let us think.. I tend to try not to read books multiple times however I have most definitely reread The Hunger Games at least three times. This book is one that I find that I read, loved. Left on the bookshelf for ages. Then I decided, that was a great book when I read it, I’m borerd, let’s try it again. Then one of the movies comes out and I decide, oh I better read it again. And so on and so on. This book never gets old. It is impeccably written that I do not ever want to put it down. I’m hanging off every word and the characters are built in such a way that I just want to be there with them.. minus the death of course. I love the way the action is written into the story and the plotline is quite different from any other that came before it. It started a fad, although I never really got into this phase that everyone else seemed to go through. So yeah, I’ve read this book multiple times and I continue to enjoy it just as much, if not more every time I read it.¬†



Day One

Best Book You Read Last Year

Okay so, I don’t particularly remember which books I read last year. I read a lot of books like, A LOT. I know cause it was year twelve I did go through a period of time where I’d only really read during holidays and whatnot but even so it’s hard to pick the¬†best¬†book¬†from last year..

Possibly Eve & Adam by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate


This mainly due to the fact that:

a) who wouldn’t want to create the perfect boy and

b) it was a story I hadn’t heard before and even if I could¬†kinda¬†tell what was going to happen it was still an odd storyline and that doesn’t happen too often, particularly in the type of books I read.¬†

I liked that it was set current day, not some unprobable future that I tend to find comepletely unbelievable. Although it’s a short book, it had a fast pace which kept me reading and if I remember correctly I finished it within two or so days. I loved the genetics involved as well. I always did enjoy that most in human bio, the rest of course I never really understood. But it went into detail about the making of the person and it really expresses how there truly is no such thing as¬†the¬†perfect person, even when you get to pick and chose the way they are.¬†

I didn’t particularly like the character of Aislin, to be honest she felt stupid and unecessary however this could have just been because it was a short book and so there never was her own side story because it focused merely on the main plot points of Evening and Solo.¬†

So anyway, at this very moment, this is the book that appears to be my favourite from last year. This opinion of course, will most likely change within the next half hour. 

Happy reading!