If Only..

So, I think I’ve found my calling. After spending the past three days holed up in my room writing essays and watching Cake Boss, I have decided that once again, my life calling is to be a cake decorator. There is something about making something beautiful for another person, that they can be as proud of as I am that makes it the ultimately appealing occupation. That, and the fact that you get to eat all of the delicious food you make. There’s something appealing about the fondant and butter cream that really pulls me in. Making edible, realistic looking objects and making people feel ultimately good about an occasion is just such a pleasing thing. And I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a part of something so beautiful. 


(I apologise for the shoddy-quality image, I do have the DVD however it has become apparent to me that you cannot screenshot a DVD on a mac and therefore I had to use YouTube)

But seriously, look at that beautiful botanically-correct cake. Every single one of those flowers was made by hand and painted to be perfect. You can see the effort that went into the cake and the small details, just ugh. This is food porn at its finest people. 


I understand of course that I’d have to start at the bottom, possibly at one of those teeny weeny cupcake stalls that have appeared in many shopping centres as of late.. But eventually, I’d get there. Ultimate goal – of course – to work in Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken. (This of course is a good joke as I’ve never even considered leaving Perth, but if they were to bring one here, I’d totally go for it) But I could totally stick it out, I could be brilliant.. If only I could use a piping bag. 


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