Okay so, I’m going away to Collie for the next week and it’s over like New Years and whatnot and it’s not like this is a dedicated blog but I want to post my (so far) New Years Resolutions somewhere because I feel as though if they exist somewhere I’m more inclined to stick to it. This year is like completely new like I don’t know what to do with myself but hopefully it’s a good one. Anyway so far I’ve got zilch money and owe quite a bit to parents and whatnot. So at the moment I’m thinking:

1) I want to work more, proper hours

2) I want to go to uni and actually do well

3) I want to stop dressing to impress and just do whatever the fuck I want

I feel like now that high school’s over I can stop feeling like I need to justify my choices and I can like what I want, be who I want, none of that expectation bs. Now it’s time to do what I want and it’s up to me to make things happen. 


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